The 12th International Conference of Constructive Design and Technological Optimization in Machine Building

  1. Optimization of Manufacturing Processes and Systems & Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing – contact address:
  2. Optimization of Technologies and Equipment from Process Industries – contact address:
  3. Optimization in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection – contact address:
  4. Mechatronics & Robotics – contact address:  &

The 10th International Conference on Power Engineering

contact address: ; more information at

The 10th International Conference of Applied Sciences – Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  1. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – contact address:
  2. Food Engineering and Biotechnologies – contact address:

The 38th Economic Engineering Consortium

contact address:

The 22th National Symposium of Fracture Mechanics

  1. Models and Methods of Fracture Mechanics – contact address:
  2. Numerical and Experimental Methods – contact address:
  3. Reliability and Durability – contact address:

“Moise Tuturea Prof. PhD. Eng.” Students’ Contest Society on Engineering and Management

contact address: